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Microfiber Wiper


  • Microfiber yarn increases surface area and provide superior wiping efficiency and sorptive performance.
  • Soft hand and edge for sensitive surfaces.
  • Excellent for polishing and cleaning smooth surface.
  • High density weaving fabric offers excellent polishing and sorbency.

1.100% polyester continuous-filament sub-microfiber,weft knitted,plain weave fabric.
2.Laundered and packaged at X&Y cleanroom
3.Vacuum double layer bag packaging
4.Economical size options
5.Statistical quality control
6.Chemical resistan
7.Size 9"x9"(customizable)
8.Laser sealed
9.Class 100

1.For further reducing particulate and organic contamination in class 10-10000 cleanroom.
2.Excellent for wiping scratch-sensitive surfaces such as LCD.

9 * 9 Industrial clean room lens cleaning wipes wiper  microfiber cleanroom wiper wipe

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