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Liquid Absorption Industrial Wipes
*Low release of fibers and particles when wiping;Low extractable levels.
*Excellent sorbency of liquid,excellent for wet wiping and picking up aqueous spills.
*Abrasion resistance ;Excellent cleaning efficiency of particles.

1,50% viscose rayon fiber 50%Polyester fiber
2,Laundered and packaged at X&Y cleanroom
3,Vacuum double layer bag packaging
4,Economical size options
5,Statistical quality control
6, Chemical resistan
7.Size 25*25cm
8.Laser sealed
9.Class 100~1000

1,For further reducing particulate contamination in class 1000-10000 cleanroom. 
2,Good for cleaning LCD and other flat surface.
3, Good for house keeping and spill control in class 100-10000 cleanroom.
4, Good for wiping roll.
5, When wiping with Ethanol or IPA, add about 4ml solvent to one piece, the wiping effect is the best, it is better to use a sprayer to add 2ml 
solvent each time.


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