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Oil Absorption Wipe
High-tech materials meltblown polypropylene wipe, through special surface treatment and purification processing technology of X&Y; further remove dust and chemical residue, knife cut and with clean room packing. It can absorb eight times oil of its own weight; good water absorption performance; high cleanliness and strength, cleaning in the water is allowed; reusable.

2.1, Box or bag packed packaging, easy to use;
2.2, 100% polypropylene fiber;
2.3, Absorb eight times oil of its own weight, good water absorption performance;
2.4, High chemical corrosion resistance;
2.5, Cut and packaged at X&Y controlled room; Statistical quality control;

3. Benefit:
3.1, Quickly and thoroughly clean the surface of objects;
3.2, Super flexible fiber, durable and never scratch the surface of product;
3.3, Washable and reusable;
3.4, Particularly suitable for surface which can't use chemical cleaners;
3.5, Absorb oil substance quickly, reduce friction to precision surfaces;
3.6, High cost performance.

4. Application:
4.1, For cleaning In the production environment of heavy oil;
4.2, Maintenance of machine tool and large equipment;
4.3, Cleaning all kinds of printing ink if leakage;
4.4, Cleaning use in automobile manufacturing, printing, machinery manufacturing, mechanical maintenance, metal assembly industries.
5. Product:
Packaging Size Part No.
B711 150pcs/box 9”×9” 23cm×23cm 01.660.671136
B712 150pcs/bag 9”×9” 23cm×23cm 01.660.671138
B713 150pcs/box 12”×12” 30.5cm×30.5cm 01.660.671137
B714 150pcs/bag 12”×12” 30.5cm×30.5cm 01.660.671139

6. Product performance characteristics:
6.1Basis Weight: 70±5g/m2.
6.2Thickness: 0.45±0.03 mm.
6.3Sorptive time: < 1.0 Seconds.
6.4Sorptive capacity: 480(ml/m2)   

7. Contamination Characteristics:
7.1  LPC
LPC Typical Value (particles/cm2)
>0.5um 7000
7.2  IC
IC Typical Value(ppm)
Chloride (Cl-) 10.00
Nitrite (NO3-) 7.00
Sulfate (SO42-) 65.00
7.3  NVR
NVR Typical Value(g/m2
NVR(DIW) 3.0
NVR(IPA) 2.0

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