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Cleanroom Mop

1. Description: Cleanroom mop with PVA foam cover.
2. Applications:

Designed for using in class 100, class 1000 or class 10000 clean room,
especially for critical environment with strict contamination controlling.

3. Structure:stainless steel frame, plastic rubber, and aluminum support, with plastic rubber and handle.

The mop adopts soft plastic rubber base and unique butterfly clip, 
make full contact with the ground, increase the cleaning effect and avoid the damage to floor and equipment; 
Butterfly shape with double wings, more strongly clamped to the mop head strips, not only in superb appearance, 
but also in excellent practice, more convenient to fold, and more sanitary to clean;



4.The mop head are in three different types, PVA sponge mop head (XY-160374),

high density superfine fiber fabric mop head (XY-160375) with super dust collection and XY-160376 with super water absorption.

The material won’t add in harmful element like plumbum, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium.


5. Specifications;
1). Telescoping handle:Adjustable from 82cm to 130cm.
2). Mop head frame dimension: 600x120mm,
3).  Mophead cover: Microfiber fabric, 230gsm,

Packaging:2sets/box(2 flat mop frame+2 telescopic handle+10pcs of mop cover


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