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Anti-static Smock
*Brand: X & Y
*Fabric Type:Antistatic stripe polyester fabric
*The thread ends shall not exceed 2mm; Stitch distance shall be 10±1 stitch per inch; Sewing strength shall be determined according to the GB3923 standard, and the breaking strength shall not be less than 98N.
*Conductive fibre density:5mm
*Friction Voltage: <300V
*Thickness: 0.17 + / - 0.02 mm
*Basic weight: 109±3g *Round neck,Elastic cuff *Cleanliness:Class 100-10000
*Yarn types:100D*100D 
  • *Design: ESD Smock ,With Button on the front side,with collar.

  • Antistatic Performance

  • *Electrostatic dissipation time:2s

  • *Surface Resistance :10^5-10Ω

Charge quantity:0.6μ c/piece
Cumulative Washing Time:≥33 Hours
Washing Water Temperature: 40±3℃

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