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Medical Disposable Coverall
1. Description:
The combination of microporous polyethylene film / polypropylene spunbond composite non-woven fabric provides a high level of fluid, particulate and biological barrier.
The product conforms to GB19082-2009 standards of medical disposable protective clothing. Gamma irradiated to 10-6 Sterility Assurance Level.
2. Features:
2.1, High in strength; durable; wear resistant; comfortable, soft, lightweight and breathable;
2.2, No binders or extenders;
2.3, Taped seams for additional protection;
2.4, With a very good air permeability and water vapour permeability, but it can obstruct water-based liquid and aerosols;
2.5, Smooth surface can repel the inorganic liquid, and protects against chemical substance splashes, and makes the solid dust not easy to adhere;
2.6, Excellent protection against dust and certain aerosols of water-based chemicals liquid splashes and sprays; and has strong protection against the invasion of liquid and droplets;
2.7, It can meet the requirements of isolated intensive care unit where strict microbial index control is of the most importance.
3.Basic Characteristics:
Items Unit Typical value Standards
Basis weight g/m2 65 GB/T24218.1-2009
Tensile Strength MD N 119.7 GB/T3923.1-2013
CD 59.4
Elongation MD % 137.3
CD 122.9
Stripping force MD N 1.8 FZ/T80007.1-2006
CD 2.6
Moisture permeability WVTR g/m2 *24h 2503 GB/T12704.2-2009
Hydrostatic pressure mmH2O 2520 GB/T4744-2013
Surface resistance Ω 1.65E+08 EN1149-1
Blood penetration resistance  - Class 3 GB19082-2009
4. Applications:  This product is suitable for use in hospital for medical staff to protection against the potentially infectious patients' blood, body fluids, secretions, particles in the air and so on.  

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